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Back in 2020, Palm began with a question: How can we make skills and careers management easier for companies and talented workers?
Building an all-star team shouldn’t be complex.We’re on a mission to make it easier than ever for growing companies to hire, develop, retain, and take care of brilliant employees—wherever they are in the world.

On a mission to bring value to everyone in your organisation

We elevate talent

Great talents are often within organisation - but it's been hard to tap into historically. We enable employees to share their experience, aspirations and potential.

Every talent gets personalized career path options to realize their full potential.

We enable efficient skills strategy

Skills management is an urgent matter. We empower HR teams to solve it by mapping employees’ skills across organizational silos, and by providing talent development managers with powerful insights for their decision-making at scale.

We help business thrive

Our clients have been able to adapt their workforce in the face of constantly shifting needs, to reduce their turnover by 20% and to save tremendous time and money.

In addition, engaging your employees facilitates a great image towards the world.

A team of amazing people

Co-Founder & CEO
HR, Business strategy, Leadership, Finance, Partnership
Co-Founder & CTO
Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Leadership, Software Architecture
Human Resources, Product Management, Leadership, People Analytics, Strategy
Senior Business Developer
Lead generation, Business strategy, Help startup scaling
Chief of Staff,
Strategy, Growth,
Social media, Pipeline Generation
Data Scientist
Artificial intelligence, Matching, Data Visualization
Software Engineer
Front-end Development
Growth manager
Social media, Digital Marketing, Pipeline Generation

We are entrepreneurs, first

At Palm, we believe that a team is a collection of caring and brilliant individuals ready to carve their own path. We put our skills, experience, knowledge and energy to work tackling challenges that matter.

We are committed to make you thrive

Our team is on a shared mission to make Skills management accessible to everyone. We always value the collective win over individual accomplishments - enforcing a sense of connection and belonging. Together, we’ll create something truly exceptional for our clients.

We are humble but ambitious

We recognize no ambitious reach comes without failure. In the face of challenges, our trust in one another stands firm. We learn, adapt and move forward. By empowering our team, we inspire, energize and establish Palm as the most human-centric company in the industry.

Backed by the best

Plus de 40 000 talents déjà convaincus

Nous avons un enjeu très fort pour attirer et fidéliser les collaborateurs (dont 60% de blue collars). Palm permet d’optimiser les processus de gestion des compétences et des carrières (faits sous excel et word auparavant). Nous gagnons environ 20 jours H/an par HRBP.
Maxime verchot-  Directeur développement RH Aswo
Palm nous aide à centraliser la gestion des compétences et des carrières de ITN. Notre organisation présente une double complexité : l’autonomie de nos skills centers sur 3 pays et les synergies business. Palm permet de simplifier ce suivi, d’harmoniser les opportunités et de gagner du temps
Souhail Jahidi -  Directeur Général IT New Vision
Palm est complet et facile d’utilisation, la solution permet d’identifier des talents à grande échelle. Palm permet d’offrir aux talents un outil donnant une vision sur leur carrière, leur mobilité, leurs compétences avec des recommandations pertinentes.
Angélique Cheragay -  Head of People Strategy Payfit

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Plus de 40 000 Talents,
99% satisfaits

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