July 18, 2023
7-8 minutes

Importance of Women's Leadership

Alexandre Béliard


1. The importance of women
1.1 Introduction  
1.2 The problems

2. The solutions  
2.1 Flexibility in the workplace  
2.2 Balance, work  
2.3 Effective communication for a collaborative work effort  
2.4 Increasing employee retention

1.The importance of women

1.1. Introduction

One thing is becoming increasingly clear: greater participation by women in the workforce is a win-win situation. The number of companies recognizing the importance of women in the workforce is growing daily.

To ensure that your company capitalizes on the positive impact that women have on an organization, make sure you invest in a variety of training courses, such as one to combat gender inequality. Another interesting training would be one that helps all employees understand the importance of fair hiring, pay and promotion opportunities.

1.2. The problems

This is all the more important when we look at the various challenges women face in the workplace - unfair challenges that simply shouldn't be there. Here are just a few of the problems:

1.2.1 Women are still devalued in some areas

1.2.2 There continues to be gender bias in the workplace

1.2.3 Inequality when it comes to salary negotiations (on average, a woman earns 82% of a man's average salary)

2. The solutions

When it comes to achieving goals or building a strong working relationship, the feminine touch and skills such as empathy, intuition and female optimism work to the company's advantage.

Here are many examples:

2.1. Flexibility and innovation in the workplace

2.1.1. The woman brings more attention to the inidividual problems of each employee, helping to find a better family/work balance.
2.1.2 Facilities such as childcare, an ATM at work, working from home, care for the elderly were not offered by management before women began to enter the workforce.

Today all these tools are, highlighting the positive impact women are having.

2.2. Healthier work balance

2.2.1. When it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, women outperform men.
2.2.2. Whether single or married, women understand the importance of participating in non-work activities - and are better able to take advantage of them through their organizations.

2.3. Effective communication for a collaborative work effort:

2.3.1. According to experts, women are excellent communicators because they respond more effectively than men to visual, verbal and emotional factors.
2.3.2. Women have strong communication and networking skills that enable them to encourage any collaborative or group effort.

‍2.4. Increased employee retention

2.4.1. Increasing the number of women in management positions decreases the rate of gender discrimination in the hiring process. Organizations with more women also attract and retain more female employees, meaning that investing in women will create more diversity in the workplace in the future - and therefore greater success.

Written by
Alexandre Béliard
Digital Marketer

Professionnel du marketing numérique axé sur les résultats et doté d'une solide expérience entrepreneuriale, mettant à profit son expertise pour mener des campagnes réussies et assurer la croissance de l'entreprise.

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