July 18, 2023
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How do you bring your team closer together, without breaking the professional framework?

Alexandre Béliard

1. Team proximity
2. Don't break the professional frame
3. The approach in question

1. Advantages of bringing your team closer together

Bringing your team closer together to create links between each team member is conducive to the company's development. Indeed, it encourages the creation of a more open environment, in which the exchange of ideas and perspectives is multiplied.  The many benefits include:

1.1 the creation of a framework of trust
1.2 an increase in communication
1.3 greater productivity
1.4 creativity and learning
1.5 the establishment of healthy competition
1.6 the resolution of conflicts in a peaceful manner
1.7 the strengthening of the company's culture and 'brand image'.

2. Why you shouldn't break the professional framework

Although bringing your team closer together has many undeniable advantages, you have to be careful not to do it to excess. Indeed, it's very important not to break the professional framework, since the latter helps to protect the world of work from the social life of each individual. It's true that talking about one's private life helps to create bonds, but confusing it with one's professional life can have harmful consequences: wasting time, and even undermining employee productivity. This professional framework is also very important to maintain, as it ensures that the company's values are upheld.

3. The approach in question

But how do you find the right balance to benefit from the closeness between employees, without jeopardizing the company's professionalism? We've put together a number of activities and techniques to help you do just that.times of the day dedicated to relaxing and letting go of work, such as coffee breaks or lunch breaks, are just some of them. During these times, employees don't want to talk about work, but rather about something that will excite and entertain them.

In fact, "for 92%, coffee allows them to get away from work constraints for a few minutes... so they can get back to work more efficiently afterwards". It is also advisable to organize brainstorming sessions. Involving the team as a group is a traditional way of highlighting effective collaboration. This exercise gives each individual the chance to contribute his or her own ideas and perspectives, and above all to realize that his or her place is important. Sharing and confronting different points of view is a highly effective technique for bringing people together.

Building a diverse team is a huge advantage when it comes to team building. Indeed, by having different skills, experiences and assets, everyone's ideas are much more likely to be exchanged. What's more, the inquisitive nature of human beings will make some people want to meet others, and having common goals will make you feel connected to a certain person.

The results one person delivers will have an impact on the other - and vice versa. In this way, a framework of trust is created.

Written by
Alexandre Béliard
Digital Marketer

Professionnel du marketing numérique axé sur les résultats et doté d'une solide expérience entrepreneuriale, mettant à profit son expertise pour mener des campagnes réussies et assurer la croissance de l'entreprise.

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