Frequently asked questions

What's the science behind Palm?

Palm is a solution based on artificial intelligence. This does not mean that Palm is intelligent in the human sense of the word. It is not, and never will be, designed to make decisions. It can, however, process a huge variety of data, interpreting and organizing it to help you make informed decisions.

Unlike a non-AI solution, Palm's algorithms are continuously learning, and will deliver increasingly relevant results.

In concrete terms, how does this work? It's not magic, it's mathematics. We need to demystify AI and machine learning! In reality, Palm's technology is based on a very simple formula, which we all learned at school, to calculate a distance:

d = √((x2 - x1)2 + (y2 - y1)2

So what makes Palm such a powerful technology? Quite simply because this calculation is performed on more than 30,000 dimensions simultaneously, all fed in real time by a multitude of repositories.

Let's go into a little more detail: Palm understands natural language, whatever the repository from which it is extracted (feedback tool, CV, training catalog, annual appraisal tool, etc.). The solution analyzes all this data for all employees and models their profiles. It then evaluates a "distance", constantly updated, between an opportunity and these profiles.

Let's imagine you've created a new position and you're looking for the rare pearl in your organization to fill it. The associated file, which lists a series of required skills and qualities, will be read and understood by Palm.

Our tool then performs a calculation based on some 30,000 dimensions to provide you with simple information: based on the employees' CVs, their aspirations, the feedback they have received, their managers' assessments, the skills they possess or the training they have attended, here are the people who present a high match score with the job to be filled.

Of course, the choice is yours, but Palm ensures that no talent is overlooked at the pre-selection stage. The above example can then be used indefinitely within an organization to match an employee with all available opportunities, such as:
- Succession to a given position after someone has left
- A new position opened up internally
- Specific training in a given catalog
- A one-off project.

The advantages of the science behind Palm can be summarized as follows:
- Ability to process any type of data, structured or unstructured. The ability to process volumes of data that would be impossible to manage without automation. Palm works for 100% of its employees. Everyone is offered the right opportunities, whether you're 500 or 5,000 people in the organization
- Constant data updating and learning
- No human bias. Age, gender, socio
-economic background, etc. are by nature excluded from the calculations.

Which tools are compatible with Palm?

We're constantly developing connections with the various HR tools on the market. If yours isn't yet available, there's a 90% chance we can create the connection for you, thanks to our ability to handle so-called unstructured data (see the section on the science behind Palm).

What guarantees do you offer in terms of safety and compliance with current regulations?

Palm is "secure by design". This means that we take into account strict compliance with security standards and legal constraints, notably RGPD, directly in the solution creation process. Palm is a SaaS solution, and data is hosted on ISO 27 001-certified servers.

When is Palm the right solution?

Palm will help you if one or more of the following points resonate with your situation:
- I'm having trouble exploiting my HR data because it's scattered across different tools that don't communicate or communicate poorly with each other;
- Too many talented people are leaving my company;
- I need to better assess performance and identify my talents;- I need to increase my employees' commitment rate;
- I want to implement an inclusive internal mobility policy;
- People reviews require a lot of upstream preparation and are only carried out for a small proportion of employees ;
- I want to offer a personalized career path for each employee ;
- I want to have more internal options in the case of succession plans ;
- I need a global view of the state of skills in my organization ;
- I want my organization's employees to train more.

How much does Palm cost?

Palm is invoiced annually, based on the number of employees. For each customer, we ensure that Palm's ROI is positive.

99% of talents love Palm. Not convinced yet? We love a challenge.