The structures in which several thousand people operate have ended up operating in silos.

How do you break them down and get talent to collaborate independently of the BU or team in which they work? By becoming a competency-based company.

To become a competency-based organization, initial work is required. This involves mapping all the company's businesses and associated skills. In the absence of a high-performance tool, this project can take months or even years to complete.

AI-assisted mapping from Palm

Up-to-date, industry-specific job description templates. All you have to do is make the necessary adjustments to fit your company's specific requirements.
Automatically detect the skills associated with each position, based on our repository, your own, or both.
Automatically map the skills of each employee.

Skills gap in real time

Palm knows what skills each employee has and what skills are needed for each job. So you know the gap between the skills you need and the skills you have.
You can obtain information at company, BU or even individual employee level.
Have you modified a job description? Additional skills are taken into account. Has an employee undergone training? His or her skills portfolio is updated.
It can be difficult to secure your key positions. With Palm, you can assess the risk of departure and objectively identify potential successors.

You can search within a BU or across the entire Group. All AI recommendations are based on skills and potential. They are free from gender or socio-economic bias.

Engaging and retaining talent

Each employee can visualize his or her skills in real time: those he or she already has, those he or she needs to acquire in order to fulfill his or her missions, and those he or she needs to develop in order to progress in his or her career.
The detection of possible branches (horizontal and vertical) is automatic, giving rise to a "star" career path.
You can take inspiration from similar courses or ask the AI for help.
And when a talent is looking for an internal opportunity, you can give them access to the internal marketplace. Palm will make personalized suggestions, whether it's for an open position, training or a short project.

A strategic choice for the future

1 in 4 times
The salary of the employee leaving the company = the cost of turnover.

Etude Cabinet Hays 2021
HR staff spend at least half their time on administrative tasks.

Etude Payfit & Editions Tissot 2021
Jobs present a risk of skills becoming obsolete within 3 years.

Etude Cegos 2021 DRH français

Palm generates ROI

30 J/ H
earned by HRBP per year
reduced turnover in favor of internal mobility
skills automatically detected

Over 40,000 talents already convinced

We have a major challenge in attracting and retaining employees (60% of whom are blue collars). Palm allows us to optimize our skills and career management processes (previously done in Excel and Word). We save around 20 days H/year per HRBP.
Maxime verchot-  HR Development Director Aswo
Palm is helping us to centralize ITN's skills and career management. The complexity of our organization is twofold: the autonomy of our skills centers in 3 countries, and business synergies. Palm makes it possible to simplify follow-up, harmonize opportunities and save time.
Souhail Jahidi -  Managing Director IT New Vision
Palm is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for large-scale talent identification. Palm enables us to offer talents a tool that gives them a vision of their career, their mobility and their skills, with relevant recommendations.
Angélique Cheragay -  Head of People Strategy Payfit