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Would you like to deepen your knowledge in the field of human resources and keep abreast of the latest trends and best practices? Look no further! #HRTalks by Palm offers you a unique platform to access exclusive webinars hosted by renowned industry experts.

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Transdev - AI for internal mobility

This webinar explored the importance of internal mobility and how AI can be used to optimize talent detection and career development processes, while offering tangible benefits such as personalized recommendations.

Denis FERRAND, Director of International HR Support, Careers and Employment at Transdev, shared his knowledge and experiences at this exciting event.

The keys to your HR policy in 2023 by Flatchr, Compwise, Zola and Palm

This webinar, specially aimed at HR professionals from SMEs and ETIs, offered an insight into the latest practices in talent retention.

Startups Compwise, Palm, Flatchr and Zola, specialized in recruitment, employer branding, skills management, training, performance monitoring and compensation, shared their expertise during this exceptional webinar.

Zola - Discover the keys to making your annual appraisal interviews useful.

In our exclusive webinar "Discover the keys to making your annual appraisals (finally) useful", with Raphaël Werlé, CEO & Co-founder of Zola, we shared tips and strategies for transforming annual appraisals into levers for professional development.

This webinar offered a unique opportunity to optimize annual appraisals and reinforce participants' development strategies.

Microsoft - HR innovation to develop the employee experience

In this webinar, Palm invites Thomas Coustenoble, Director of VSE/SME Microsoft France, to decipher changes in the world of work, trends on LinkedIn and best practices at Microsoft for developing the employee experience. AI and ChatGPT will also be discussed.

A unique opportunity to discover the latest trends, HR best practices and the use of AI to revolutionize the way we work.

Career management: a lever for building employee loyalty

In this webinar, Christelle, Eric and Hela, in collaboration with Grant Thornton, deciphered the key factors that distinguish skills and careers in the new world of work. They shared concrete levers for turning career management into an employee retention tool.

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We have a major challenge in attracting and retaining employees (60% of whom are blue collars). Palm allows us to optimize our skills and career management processes (previously done in Excel and Word). We save around 20 days H/year per HRBP.
Maxime verchot-  HR Development Director Aswo
Palm is helping us to centralize ITN's skills and career management. The complexity of our organization is twofold: the autonomy of our skills centers in 3 countries, and business synergies. Palm makes it possible to simplify follow-up, harmonize opportunities and save time.
Souhail Jahidi -  Managing Director IT New Vision
Palm is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for large-scale talent identification. Palm enables us to offer talents a tool that gives them a vision of their career, their mobility and their skills, with relevant recommendations.
Angélique Cheragay -  Head of People Strategy Payfit