SMEs and startups are looking to recruit the best talent to drive their growth

More and more talented people are attracted to companies that allow them to take on responsibility quickly and grow with the company.

But how do you set yourself apart from the competition? And once talent has been recruited, how do you ensure its loyalty?

Boost your employer brand

Candidates are increasingly sensitive to the possibility of internal career development, and this is a selection criterion in over 46% of cases. It's even a selection criterion in over 46% of cases.

By formalizing career paths and internal opportunities, you can make a real difference when recruiting.

Visualize skills precisely

Your managers coach their teams, but do they know precisely what aspect they need to support each talent in?

Palm allows you to map competencies (both hard and soft skills) and identify areas for improvement.

Developing talent is the best way to retain it. Palm helps you do this on four levels:

Feedback culture
Feedback can be requested and sent in 360° mode. Everyone in the company can see how they are perceived - and improve - thanks to a graphical layout.
Continuous training
Through skills mapping, Palm makes the link between the training needed to successfully carry out the missions in one's current position, and the training required to progress in one's career path.
Working in project mode
Palm lets you create projects and taskforces based on the skills and availability of your talents.
Anticipating tomorrow's skills
By focusing on the acquisition of strategic skills, we can prepare for our professional future and remain competitive in an ever-changing job market.

A strategic choice for the future

1 in 4 times
The salary of the employee leaving the company = the cost of turnover.

Etude Cabinet Hays 2021
HR staff spend at least half their time on administrative tasks.

Etude Payfit & Editions Tissot 2021
Jobs present a risk of skills becoming obsolete within 3 years.

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Palm generates ROI

30 J/ H
earned by HRBP per year
reduced turnover in favor of internal mobility
skills automatically detected

Over 40,000 talents already convinced

We have a major challenge in attracting and retaining employees (60% of whom are blue collars). Palm allows us to optimize our skills and career management processes (previously done in Excel and Word). We save around 20 days H/year per HRBP.
Maxime verchot-  HR Development Director Aswo
Palm is helping us to centralize ITN's skills and career management. The complexity of our organization is twofold: the autonomy of our skills centers in 3 countries, and business synergies. Palm makes it possible to simplify follow-up, harmonize opportunities and save time.
Souhail Jahidi -  Managing Director IT New Vision
Palm is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for large-scale talent identification. Palm enables us to offer talents a tool that gives them a vision of their career, their mobility and their skills, with relevant recommendations.
Angélique Cheragay -  Head of People Strategy Payfit