Partnership Program:Palm's partner network

The aim of the PALM Partner Network is to establish strategic partnerships with complementary companies and individuals who share our vision of transforming talent management and development.

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Why partner with Palm?

Expand your reach
By becoming a partner through the PALM Partner Network, you gain access to a vast network of potential customers in the field of talent management and development.
Complementary solutions and expertise
By integrating our platforms and participating in joint marketing activities, we offer a unified approach to talent management.
Enhancing the value of our offering
By working with us, you can leverage our talent management and development expertise to co-create thought-provoking content and deliver complete solutions to customers.
Becoming a key player
Becoming our partner allows you to be part of our journey to become a major player in the B2B SaaS market, contributing to the advancement of talent management practices.

Who can partner with Palm?

HR Consultants and Advisory Firms

We establish strategic partnerships with human resources consultants and consultancies, leveraging their talent management expertise.

Together, we develop thought leadership content and offer exclusive access to the PALM platform, enhancing their consulting services with comprehensive talent development solutions.

Learning and Development Providers

We partner with training and development providers to seamlessly integrate PALM into their training programs, offering a complete solution for employee upskilling and retraining.

Together, we co-create customized content and training modules that align with PALM's skills mapping and real-time skills gap visualization capabilities.

Technology Integration Partners

We partner with technology companies offering complementary solutions, such as providers of human resources information systems (HRIS) or workforce management platforms.

Together, we develop seamless integrations between PALM and these platforms, enabling data exchange and delivering a unified user experience for customers. In addition, we collaborate on joint marketing campaigns and co-promote the integrated solution to our respective customer bases.Translated with (free version)

Industry Associations and Networks

We partner with professional associations and industry networks to access a broader audience of talent management professionals.

We actively participate in industry events, conferences and webinars to showcase PALM's thought leadership and expertise. In addition, we collaborate on research projects and industry reports to contribute to the advancement of talent management practices.

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Over 40,000 talents already convinced

We have a major challenge in attracting and retaining employees (60% of whom are blue collars). Palm allows us to optimize our skills and career management processes (previously done in Excel and Word). We save around 20 days H/year per HRBP.
Maxime verchot-  HR Development Director Aswo
Palm is helping us to centralize ITN's skills and career management. The complexity of our organization is twofold: the autonomy of our skills centers in 3 countries, and business synergies. Palm makes it possible to simplify follow-up, harmonize opportunities and save time.
Souhail Jahidi -  Managing Director IT New Vision
Palm is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for large-scale talent identification. Palm enables us to offer talents a tool that gives them a vision of their career, their mobility and their skills, with relevant recommendations.
Angélique Cheragay -  Head of People Strategy Payfit