Evaluations 360
For each project, position or collaboration, it is possible to ask for or give feedback in a 360° mode.
The questionnaires are 100% configurable and you can modify them a posteriori as much as necessary.
Based on the feedback received, each talent discovers how he or she is perceived internally and the areas for improvement.
You import your annual appraisal files into Palm.  Palm detects performance and competence, and enriches talent profiles.
Talent reviews
Palm is designed to enable you to carry out people reviews at scale. Identify your talents in collaboration with managers, and position them in the customizable 9-box grid.
Train your talents more effectively
Once potential employees have been identified, they need to be offered the right opportunities to develop and progress internally. Palm automatically detects and suggests the right training for each individual, as well as projects in which to participate to gain experience.

Palm's features

Engage your employees with skills development plans and career paths

Skills mapping
Skill Gap
Job descriptions
Career paths
Feedback 360
Yearly maintenance
Talent review

Digitalized, integrated skills management to make your life easier

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Companies that trusts Palm

As an HR unicorn, Payfit has a duty to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and to be exemplary in terms of talent development.

After a benchmark of existing solutions, Palm was the obvious choice, not least because of our ability to engage all employees.
How do you match 10,000 talented young people with opportunities offered by companies? Thanks to Palm's AI, this matching is done automatically, for everyone.

Each student is offered the most relevant opportunities according to his or her training and aspirations. Companies, meanwhile, receive only the most relevant applications.
As a European leader in after-sales services for professionals, with a high proportion of skilled workers with skills that are rare on the market, Aswo was looking for a solution to develop and retain its in-house talent.

By choosing Palm, the group saves 20 man-days each year on talent management alone.

99% of talents love Palm. Not convinced yet? We love a challenge.